About Us

In YoFresh Yogurt Cafe we reject the notion that dessert must be a bad-for-you in order to taste good. For us, dessert should not only be delicious, but also beneficial to your health. Just take a look at our signature offering: all-natural, non-fat frozen yogurt that’s rife with probiotic cultures that can help strengthen immune systems, lower cholesterol, and support overall wellness.

And if you’re assuming we must be referring to plain Greek yogurt, think again. The store fills cups, cones, and smoothies with more than two dozen decadent flavors that run the gamut from traditional chocolate to root beer float. We also feature 11 sugar-free options in varieties such as coffee and cheesecake. And to make things even more scrumptious, we offer more than 35 toppings that include real fruit chunks, chopped nuts, and morsels of sweet and savory candy.